Maximiliano Rosiles,
b. 1992, México

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Maximiliano Rosiles 
b.1992, Guanajuato, Mexico
Lives and works in Mexico City 

Maximiliano is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in Mexico City. His childhood was spent between Mexico and the United States. Periodic transit between the border area of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and Guanajuato, Mexico marked his life and artistic practice. In his work there is an intention to consider his Mexican origin and his life experience in the United States; establishing a belonging defined as his own non-sited geography, permeable and indefinite, immersed in a transcultural syncretism.

From sculpture, installation and performance, his work reflects on these multicultural crosses between both nations, although it is not about a balance of two cultures, but rather the birth of a third liminal and indefinite space that manifests itself in the artist.

His proposal is nourished by research related to economic policy, migration, globalization, manufacturing processes, and the social/environmental impact of mass-production. In his work he recovers stories on social phenomena that he has witnessed, experienced, or has come across through his research. The subjects and materials that occupy a central place in his language are those that transit invisibly, often overlooked and undervalued, on the periphery of sociopolitical, industrial, and cultural production systems.

Through solutions with precarious materials and morphologies closer to abstraction than figuration, Maximiliano pursues narratives located in the unconscious of the Mexican-American experience in contradistinction to other modern displacements around the world. He references an experience that is in a constant state of deconstruction, transformation, and healing within the interface of contradiction. An experience that one might live through when in a state of perpetual transition within the threshold of conflicting cultures, ideas, beliefs, and perspectives. It is a practice of fragmentation, of reconfiguration, of uniting what is separate then continuing to undo and amend new realities and forms.